We came, we saw, we blogged. Now what?

In 2010, writing some of my first posts from Casa Esperanza.

On my first trip to Merida in 2010, here I am blogging from Casa Esperanza. Since then, my hair’s gotten a bit grayer!

As we dwell more on what we’re going to do this summer to enjoy the great Northeast, before I start a heavy travel schedule in September, I wonder what I’ll write on this blog. It started as a journal of discovering a fascinating new place, then of a frustrating property hunt, and then as a home-builder’s diary. Now what? Until we start decorating, I’m running on fumes here.

I’ve been trying to focus less on my personal musings and more on more helpful, evergreen stories over at Yucatan Expat, where I’ve been contributing stories, often re-writes from newspaper accounts. I’ve worked the rewrite desk at newspapers, so it’s an easy job for me. The Yucatan Times often picks up my stories (I allow excerpting with a link back) broadening their exposure. If I can cut and paste a story from Diario de Yucatán, why can’t the Times cut and paste from me?

Yucatan Expat is different than Imagine Mérida in ways beyond their refusal to put accent marks on Yucatán or Mérida. It strives to be helpful to people expecting to live in Yucatán one day, and follows incidents that indicate the peninsula’s investment value. The on-again-off-again ferry from Tampa, new construction, government projects … stuff like that which communicates a welcoming environment for foreigners.

Ow, my head. My head hurts from finding topics for this blog, but that’s not all. We celebrated just a little too much last night to inaugurate our deck for the season. We almost stopped imagining Mérida for awhile, although the topic may have come up once or twice. I think we’re both going to be in New England and the Hudson Valley for the next few months, both physically and mentally. There will be management issues having to do with Casa Nana’s maintenance and operation, and I’m still consulting on a handful of book projects, but we want to be totally present for what we hope is a nice summer up here.


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  1. The weather here (a few hours south) has been gorgeous as well! And those rainy nights do a nice job watering the plants!
    Get your feet outta tha hostas, and (good, you have done some deck work

    • … hmm, I did write more than that. It somehow disappeared…!?

    • We’ve actually been putting off that deck work, but we enjoy the deck just the same. We do have some work ahead of us, though! Casa Nana has been distracting us from the house where we actually live!

  2. Hola Lee!

    I know how you feel. Though I’ve still got plenty to write about from my trip, I’m now back, and it just feels different. But you have a way with words, so I’m sure whatever you write about will be entertaining.


    Kim G
    Boston, MA
    Where we are enjoying the Mexico-like weather.

    • The weather up here is great right now, isn’t it? I just took photos of my neighborhood — the marina, the lighthouse — and then read that Merida is in for another week of rain. Maybe I’d better give blogging a rest lest I keep gloating!

  3. Melissa’s comment is great! Like her, I always read your blog on two levels. As you expound on the topic of the day (searching, building, repairing, shoring up – whatever) you throw in comments about the same theme, seen with your inner eye. I love that. May you keep your blogger’s muse intact for many moons to come!

    • Oh, thank you Joanna. Twice after I posted this, Paul responded to something I said with “well, that’s a blog post!” The topic hasn’t gone quite cold yet, I guess.

  4. I am sure that your observations on New England and the Hudson River Valley would make for very interesting reading! Enjoy your summer!

  5. I can appreciate the way you feel but don’t be hard on yourself…you can’t be witty and intuitive all the time.

    Think of yourself as the Colossus of Rhodes. One foot, firmly planted in Merida and the other in New England.

    • Or right now, two feet planted on a bed of hostas in Connecticut, with binoculars aimed at Merida? Thank you for the encouragement, Melissa.

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