Lately in Yucatán, it rains mainly when you get off the plane

Photo: Getty

Photo: Getty

In sunny Yucatán, it’s newsworthy when the sun disappears, just like it’s a news flash when the temperatures drop below 70, which can happen after weeks of rain.

The top story on Diario‘s website today is the fuertes lluvias, or heavy rains. A low pressure over the Bay of Campeche will continue to generate showers in the coming days, reports Diario, as translated by Google. “…Rainfall will be strong to very strong and will be … in the region at least until Friday.”

Every time the five-month-long rainy season comes in June, I do my best to monitor the situation from my computer north of the border. It’s just interesting to see how the city reacts. Already, just a few days in, the rains have cancelled public events, flooded streets and worried parents. Milenio Novedades links the rains to a stunning 80 percent absenteeism in some schools because parents feel that the dampness puts kids’ respiratory systems at risk. Milenio has a nice slideshow here. The rains have also tested Casa Nana. I’m sure we’ll be adding more drains to our property now that we can see where water is collecting.

Whenever we visit during rainy season, and we’ve done it at least three times, the rain abates during our trip. I guess that’s luck, but after all this time, I feel we need to experience it in full. We even, at the advice of a commenter, bought clogs for walking. But nature cuts us a break and gives us just occasional downpours during our trips.

Maybe Chac, the rain god, will drench us plenty good on our next trip, and show us what he’s made of. And those of us who planned “indoor-outdoor living” will find out what we’re in for.


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  1. I had to laugh at the title of your post. My last visit to Yucatán (which was in normally dry January) there was torrential rain when we got off the plane. We had a bit of drizzle afterwards, but for most of the trip the weather was fine. It does seem, however, that the weather in Mexico, like everywhere else, is straying more and more from the normal patterns.

    • I can’t tell you how much I worry about shifting weather patterns. It’s as if the climate is going through some sort of … change. Someone should look into that, don’t you think?

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