It’s nice to have spies in Mérida

output_4nt0XMI rely on my spies to tell me what’s happening at Casa Nana, and here I want to pay tribute to them. Here’s to them. Paul and I send love to you from increasingly dark and chilly Connecticut.

Some spies I pay, others are in the volunteer corps. The paid spies are from our property manager’s office. Someone comes by twice a month to check on things and make sure the bills and taxes are paid. They take photos of whatever interests them and email them down. Once the house is done, their responsibilities will increase. And of course, our trusty architects send a Foto Friday report, but they don’t count as spies. We like to get an objective point of view from our new friends.

We continue to make new friends via the Internet and anyone who passes by lets us know what they see. One morning, we’re told workers appeared to be removing debris. Earlier, another spy landed a scoop: the hole for the garage had been made in the facade. Yet another spy found the workers’ pornography collection scattered in one of the bathrooms. I flashed back to the shoe box under my bed when I was 14. That got discovered, eventually, too. One time, we ran into new friends at the Houston airport, waiting for our connecting flight. They said they figured out where our house was and drove by just recently, finding the workers on the sidewalk “having a grand old time” at the end of their day. You see, we’re not necessarily asking people to be our spies. Some we implored to go on a mercy mission and take photos; especially those of our friends who have good cameras. Others have dropped in unexpectedly, surprising us with a dozen jpegs attached to their email, like CARE packages from far away. (If only the could attach a couple of panuchos!)

I die a little inside when someone goes by the house without taking pictures, but still, I’m glad to get word from Casa Nana. What I really need is a TV reporter, maybe wearing a trench coat, reporting “live” from Casa Nana with hourly updates. “We’re receiving word that the kitchen sink has still not arrived, and the architect has told the Casa Nana Network that they are, quote, very annoyed. Back to you, Connie.”

A state-of-society aside: My male friends seem to have no trouble getting in to explore and take photos. My female friends seem to find more resistance. One told them she was my cousin to gain entry. So now I have relatives in Mérida!

I got a snappy new DSLR camera for my birthday, which is something I asked for after a spy with a Canon sent me photos. I always marveled at how well the iPhone photos looked, but it took one shot from a “real” camera to remind me how important a good camera — and a larger lens — is.


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  1. Hopefully someday the iron curtain of distance will fall and you won’t need spies any more.

    It’s an interesting comment that it’s easier for guys to get into your house than girls. What kind of porn was it, exactly, that was discovered? LOL…


    Kim G
    Boston, MA
    Where we’ve been doing a few projects around our own house today.