Sounds carry, but so do the breezes

upstairsterrace680We are coming to the end of week two of our three-week stay at Casa Nana, the house we’ve been building since November 2013. Friends often ask if it feels strange, after all this time ruminating about it, finally being allowed to sleep, cook and eat here. That’s just it — it doesn’t feel strange at all. What’s strange is [Read more…]

TIM: This is Mexico, reconsidered

Fridays are when Casa Nana gets pampered.

Fridays are when Casa Nana gets pampered.

I was rushing around this morning because I woke up slightly late and had to get ready for a contractor who was due to arrive at 8.

Paul thought it was kind of adorable that I assumed the contractor would show up at 8 for an 8 o’clock appointment. I almost forgot the adage that has been floating around the Mérida blogosphere: TIM. This Is Mexico. It’s what we remind ourselves when things don’t go as planned.  [Read more…]

Good morning, Casa Nana!

Finally, we took a trip to Mérida, not to visit a construction site, but to actually stay in our own finished home that we’ve been building since late 2012.

Since construction, I’ve imagined what it would be like to wake up here in the morning. The gardens are planted and fairly established, the house has been battle-tested against rain and sun. It is finally [Read more…]

Unmasked! 2 neighbors learn about Casa Nana

Photo: Flickr

Photo: Flickr

Not wanting to distance ourselves from our family and neighbors up in Connecticut, we’ve been very low-key about our plans to move to Mérida. Really, it’s no one’s business, but it’s been tough to keep this project under wraps. But this week, with at least one couple on the next block, our cover was blown. And it felt fantastic.

When “Miriam” and “David” (not their real names) announced their travel plans a few months ago, we knew this would happen. They’re very chatty and amiable people, and they already knew [Read more…]

Advice grows old quickly for the Mérida expat

The view of today's Merida, from Country Tower. Photo: Facebook/Country Tower

The view of today’s Merida, from Country Tower. Photo: Facebook/Country Tower

A friend was looking for a handyman who was recommended to her a year or two ago. She went back to the person who suggested him to see if she had his number. “Oh, we don’t use him anymore,” she was told. He had gotten sloppy, or expensive, or unreliable … one of those things. Or maybe someone neater, cheaper and more reliable came on the scene. People change, including people on a two-year-old list of recommended handymen.

In my four-year-quest to become an expert in all-things-Mérida, I’ve already stockpiled [Read more…]

Let there be dark!

Insert sofa here.

Insert sofa here.

It’s beat-the-clock time as we prepare to visit Casa Nana, this time as occupants.

We had already bought three beds and patio furniture for the house, but nothing yet for the master bedroom in the casita on the rear of the property. Our designer is having a bed made for us, as well as mod end tables for all the bedrooms. Roller shades are going up, as well.

After some debate, we opted for room-darkening shades, just in case we join the class of people who get to sleep in once in a while. I just wired funds for pillows and a Sealy mattress, and we will pack sheets and pillowcases. Yes, we’re getting to the fine details.  [Read more…]